Frequently asked questions

What are Mink Brazilian Hair extensions?

Mink Brazilian Hair is Brazilian hair, but a much better quality. The term "Mink" refers to extremly high quality virgin hair. The extensions are extremly thick, soft, and full.

How many bundles do I need?

We reccomend 2-3 bundles if you are getting 10-16 inches. Anything longer, we recommend 3 or more bundles. This goes for closures, frontals, and traditional sew-ins.

How long does CrownofXy extentions last?

With proper care, CrownofXy extentions can last up to two years or longer. Treat your extensions as if they were your own hair.

How long will it take for me to receive my tracking number?

Your tracking number will be sent to your email after your hair has been shipped.

Can CrownofXy extensions be colored and/or bleached ?

Yes, CrownofXy extensions can be colored and/or bleached. When coloring and/or bleaching extensions, we reccomend professional help. Coloring and/or bleaching hair will alter the texture. Keep colored extensions moisturized and conditioned.

How long is CrownofXy Shipping?

Shipping takes 2-4 buisness days.

What is CrownofXy Return policy ?

All sales are final! Exchange only. Must be done within 3 days of recieving hair.

How to take Care of your Crown ?

When caring for hair extensions, being gentle during brushing and stylying can minimize hair shedding. Use a bristled brush, remember to start at the bottom and work your way up(Wide tooth combs are highly Reccomended). Use a heat protectant when applying any heat to your crown to reduce heat damage. After washing your crown, try to let air dry as blow drying can also cause heat damage. Your human-hair extensions will most likely get split ends, in this case try to trim your crown every 6-10 weeks.


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